Vision & Mission


A strong minerals industry that benefits the Peoples of the North 

Key elements of the Vision: 

  • The minerals industry encompasses all phases of the industry including prospecting, exploration, construction, operations, and remediation and closure.
  • Benefits include socio-economic and participation/impact benefits agreements; training and employment opportunities; business development; community development; social programs; royalty payments; and taxation.
  • Peoples include all peoples of the NWT and Nunavut and is inclusive of Indigenous Peoples including First Nations, Inuit, Inuvialuit and Metis Peoples. 


To provide leadership on, and advocate for, responsible and sustainable mineral exploration and development in the NWT and Nunavut 

Key elements of the Mission:

  • Leadership and advocacy involves taking a leadership role in representing, and speaking on behalf of, the Membership of the Chamber on issues of importance. 
  • Responsible means meeting socio-economic commitments (including economic, employment and community development commitments); acting in an environmentally responsible manner; and protecting the health and safety of our employees and the Peoples of the North. 
  • Sustainable means:
    • an industry that has the capacity to continue to conduct exploration and to develop mineral deposits, and 
    • to operate in a sustainable manner with a balanced approach to social, environmental and economic issues that ensures the benefits of the minerals industry are passed on to future generations.