Membership Benefits

In mining and exploration, there are many times when you must go it alone; where being a pioneer, exploring new territory, and staking your claim far from the crowd is the very essence of the business. But even in an industry that demands and rewards risk, pioneering and independence, there are still times when joining forces and leveraging resources gets results. Better results. This is the leverage of the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines.

In addition to working for responsible and sustainable mineral exploration and development in the NWT and Nunavut, the Chamber offers you connections to the fast-paced, growing mineral sectors and member to member discounts.

Chamber members include producing mines, exploration companies, a variety of service and supply companies including drilling and aviation firms, expediters, prospectors, as well as a wide range of consultants serving the industry.

If you’re a company benefiting from a strong northern economy, the basis of which is the mining industry or if your company relies on the strength of the mining sector, and a strong development focus, then you should be a member of the Chamber of Mines.

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