Sign the Chamber's petition: Let's Keep the Ekati Mine Operating!

2 November 2020

Sign our petition: Let's Keep the Ekati Mine Operating!

The Ekati Diamond Mine is a huge part of why mining is the largest contributor to the NWT economy. Its closure this year has created significant hardship for employees, businesses, and governments.

The mine has potential to re-open, but we fear it will not if a decision is made to liquidate the assets.

Ekati’s fate is now before the court.

Collectively, we can ask the court and governments to help ensure the mine’s future.

Please sign and share this petition to urge the court and governments for actions to keep the Ekati mine operating!

There is no cost to sign, and to share with friends, just a minute of your time. 

Click here:

At time of this posting, we were apporaching 900 signatures and rising.

Thanks very much!