COVID-19: Pandemic reminds us why mining is critically important

4 June 2020

During these challenging times created by the COVID pandemic, we are reminded why the minerals industry is so important to the economy.

A good example is demonstrated by Dominion Diamond Mines, which just submitted its Ekati annual report as required under its socio economic agreement with the Northwest Territories Government. 2019 highlights from the Ekati diamond mine include:

  • 1,186 jobs (person years employment)
  • $398.0 million business spending

That is just one mine. When you combine the most recent available data (2018) from all seven NWT and Nunavut mines, it truly is significant:

  • 7,602 jobs (person years employment)
  • $2.8 billion business spending

For more details on benefits of mining in Northwest Territories, see the territorial government’s 2018 socio-economic agreement report on diamond mine here.

For more details on benefits of mining in Nunavut, see the territorial government’s 2018 Nunavut Socio-Economic Monitoring Report, the first territory-wide account of the impacts and benefits of mining in the territory here. The NSEMR combines the 2017 regional reports.