An open letter to all NWT members of the legislative assembly

28 May 2020

Dear Members of the 19th Legislative Assembly,
It was with great disappointment that we saw yesterday’s tabling of a motion of non-confidence against Minister Nokleby by MLAs Norn and Simpson. We are having difficulty reconciling this motion against the work and commitment we have seen from Minister Nokleby. Our Chamber of Mines has worked with many Ministers responsible for mines and infrastructure over our history and have never seen sufficient cause for such an unusual action, and nor do we in this case.
The Chamber and our members have no reservations in continuing our work with Minister Nokleby. She has shown the hallmarks of a good minister, providing enthusiasm and interest in the continued success of the NWT minerals industry and an understanding of its importance to our territory.
Early on, Minister Nokleby indicated her intent to be an open communicator. She has backed that up, for example by hosting regular bi-weekly meetings with our Chamber, and while we inevitably don’t totally agree on some issues, our discussions with the Minister have at all times been constructive and fair. Minister Nokleby has also effectively collaborated with her ministerial counterparts in Nunavut and Yukon, aided by her many years of northern experience. She has proven – and is continuing to prove to us – to be an ideal candidate for both the portfolios that add so much to the success of the NWT’s minerals industry.
This is a particularly difficult time not only for our industry, but for all of us in the North, dealing with and reconciling the challenges of the current global pandemic. Bringing such a motion at this time, and towards an individual who continues to effectively work for the NWT’s future success, does not serve our industry well. We believe the 19th Assembly is all the better for having Minister Nokleby occupying her current portfolios.

Yours sincerely,
Ken Armstrong