All season road permits for NorZinc's Prairie Creek Mine granted by Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board

14 November 2019

NorZinc Ltd. is pleased to report that the Mackenzie Valley Land & Water Board (“MVLWB”) has issued Water Licences and the Land Use Permit for the all season road access to the Prairie Creek Mine in the NWT, Canada. 

NWT Road Permits Issued
These permits will allow the Company to construct and operate an all season road on NWT and Indian Affairs Branch land, once a number of management and monitoring plans have been approved. The Company now awaits similar approval of permits by Parks Canada for the areas of the all season road within Parks Canada’s jurisdiction.  NorZinc already has permits to construct and operate the Prairie Creek Mine.
Don MacDonald, President & CEO of NorZinc Ltd. stated, “These are the final permits necessary to build the all season road on Territorial land. When the related permits are received from Parks Canada, we will have all the permits needed for the entire all season road. Once the management and monitoring plans that form part of the permits have been approved, we will be able to construct the road.” MacDonald added, “NorZinc has been working on this milestone since 2013 and I would like to thank the NorZinc team for their amazing work diligence over many years, and the local Indigenous communities for their support through one of the most comprehensive environmental review processes in the world.” 

Construction and Financing
The construction of the Prairie Creek Mine is planned in two phases with timing for commencement dependent upon approval of the management plans. Phase 1 construction of the all season road is planned to be started in 2020 with limited supplies delivered to site to support the mine refurbishment program. In 2021 and 2022, the main site construction is planned to be completed, including installation of a dense media separation circuit, new backfill plant, electrical facilities, as well as underground development to access high grade ore for the initial years of operation. Most underground development for the current 15-year mine life is planned to be completed between 2021 and 2024. 
The Company is planning to finance the multi-year construction program for the Prairie Creek Project in at least two stages - using equity or other forms of non-equity financing (such as a silver stream) to finance the first stage; and using more conventional bank debt or hybrid financing (such as offtake financing) for the second stage. The Company, in September 2019, agreed to sell a 1.0% NSR to RCF VI CAD LLC and upon shareholder approval, expected on November 18, 2019, will receive $8 million to be used for the development of the Project.