Sabina Gold & Silver completes winter ice road construction and haulage of equipment underway

6 May 2019

Sabina Gold & Silver Corp is pleased to announce that construction of the first ever Winter Ice Road from the Port Facility at Bathurst Inlet to the Goose Property at the 100%-owned Back River Gold Project in Nunavut, Canada, has been completed and the majority of the critical items have now been transported to the Goose Property. 
Winter Ice Road 
The WIR is the final critical infrastructure component to facilitate transportation of equipment and supplies to the Back River Project.The initial component, building the Port facility and receiving equipment via sea lift, was completed last year.Construction of the WIR commenced in mid-February and was completed in late April. Transportation of equipment staged at the Port facility to the Goose Property is currently underway. The heavy and critical loads are now completed with additional loads continuing until the WIR is closed on or about May 15th. 
The successful construction of the WIR was the final step in de-risking the transportation of goods and equipment to the Back River Project.As this route has never been operated using wheeled vehicles, it was of paramount importance to demonstrate that the WIR could be built and operated through the chosen corridor between the Port Facility and project site.