Avalon continues to progress its advanced critical materials projects towards development

2 April 2019

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. is pleased to report on progress made over the past quarter on all three of its advanced critical materials development projects in Canada. Significant progress, as described below, has been made towards the goal of achieving near-term, small-scale production on each of the Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements Project, East Kemptville Tin-Indium Project, and Separation Rapids Lithium Project.

Demand for rare earth elements, lithium minerals, tin and other critical materials are all growing at rates exceeding the rate of growth in new supply, creating opportunities for new producers to emerge and fill looming supply deficits. The ability to bring these new supplies to emerging markets quickly is key to taking advantage of the opportunities. Small-scale initial development facilitates achieving that goal, while also accommodating future growth in production capacity.