Dunnedin reports KH10-11 results, focuses pipe exploration & retains diamond experts to advance high grade kimberlite dikes

13 December 2018

Dunnedin Ventures Inc. today announced diamond recovery results from kimberlite pipe KH10-11 and plans to advance its diamond assets at its 100% owned Kahuna Diamond Project in Nunavut, Canada.
Highlights include:
•Kimberlite pipe KH10-11 is confirmed to be diamondiferous but low grade
•Dunnedin’s advisor Dr. Chuck Fipke recommends focussing pipe exploration efforts on the Josephine Target Area (“JTA”) during 2019 and is prioritizing targets for drilling
•The Company reports significant extensions to the strike length of its high-grade diamond dikes
•Industry-leading kimberlite dike experts have been retained to advise on the expansion of the existing high-grade diamond resources and the advancement of other proven diamondiferous dikes