NWT Government mandate holds support for minerals industry

11 February 2020

(Yellowknife, NT – February 11, 2020) The NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines is encouraged by the recently released Mandate of the Government of the Northwest Territories, 2019-2023. 
The Mandate document reiterates and provides action plans for each of the 22 priorities released by the new government in October. Among them of particular interest to minerals industry investors are: 

  • Increase resource exploration and development: Renewed exploration activity is needed to restore levels of investment, partnership, employment, and growth in the NWT’s economy.
  • Make strategic infrastructure investments that connect communities, expand the economy or reduce the cost of living, including the Mackenzie Valley Highway, the Slave Geological Corridor and the Taltson Hydro Project: These projects will provide the foundational infrastructure to support an improved quality of life and lower cost of living for NWT residents, as well as support the expansion and diversification of the economy.
  • Settle and implement treaty, land, resources, and self-government agreements: Concluding agreements with our Indigenous government partners will … set the stage for further economic development in the NWT.
“We’ve heard from Premier Cochrane and Minister Nokleby about the economic importance of the mineral resources industry to the Northwest Territories,” said Ken Armstrong, NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines President. “This mandate reinforces this with actions such as supporting more regional mineral development strategies, and increasing exploration incentives. We are also pleased to see actions that will help advance the Mackenzie Valley Highway, the Slave Geological Corridor, and the Taltson hydro project, all of which can benefit the North by strengthening mineral resources investment and development,” Armstrong added. 
The 2019-23 mandate released last week, identifies actions to support the government’s 22 priorities set by the legislative assembly last October. Click here for the full 2019-2023 mandate.
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