Dunnedin defines potential diamond source target area at Kahuna Project, Nunavut

20 March 2019

Dunnedin Ventures Inc. today announced results from 109 till samples collected in the Josephine Target Area (JTA) during the fall of 2018. Results have defined a discrete target area for potential diamond sources of 3 km2 at the head of the JTA, a trend of abundant high-quality diamond indicator minerals (DIM) for which no source is known yet. Although the focus of Dunnedin’s near-term exploration plans will be on its recently expanded portfolio of large-scale copper porphyry projects in Canada and the USA (see news releases of November 29, 2018 and March 4, 2019), the company’s next diamond-focused exploration campaign will be aimed at the discovery of kimberlite pipes within this newly defined area.
The Company collected approximately 750 till samples in the JTA in the fall of 2018, of which 109 priority samples have been analysed by CF Mineral Research Ltd. (“CFM”) laboratory in Kelowna, BC.  Superior DIM chemistry in these recent results confirms that the JTA is the most prospective area on the Kahuna property to host significantly diamondiferous kimberlite (see Figure 1). A summary of these select till results are as follows: