Dunnedin updates on Kahuna project & copper-gold strategy, appoints director

27 November 2018

Dunnedin Ventures Inc. provides an update on the diamond exploration progress at its 100% owned Kahuna Diamond Project in Nunavut, Canada, and outlines its strategic plans for both its diamond and copper-gold assets.
Kimberlite Pipe Exploration Update
•Dunnedin expects results shortly for diamond recoveries from approximately 150 kilograms of kimberlite from pipe KH10-11 which was newly discovered this summer
•In the near future Dunnedin will also receive initial diamond indicator results from the till sampling program completed in the Josephine Target Area (“JTA”) this autumn. These results will assist with the prioritization and selection of drill targets in the JTA, which will be the main focus of the Company’s next drill program
•The JTA has been identified by Dunnedin’s advisor Dr. Charles Fipke as the most prospective area of the Kahuna Project with an abundance of high-quality diamond indicator minerals (“DIM”) implying multiple undiscovered diamond-bearing sources
•Dunnedin has narrowed down the main target area at JTA to 10 square kilometres and expects to continue testing for kimberlite pipes with core drilling in the new year