Congratulations to Northern Mines for Sustainability Work

14 December 2017

Congratulations to Northern Mines for Sustainability Work

(Yellowknife, NT – December 14, 2017) Congratulations are due to two of our diamond mines, Diavik and Ekati for receiving recognition for their sustainability work. The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) announced the news today with its release of its annual Towards Sustainable Mining Progress Report 2017, which describes in more detail the work by the Diavik Diamond Mine and the Ekati Diamond Mine towards sustainable mining.

Diavik was honoured with a Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Leadership Award, one of nine awarded this year to facilities that meet or exceed a Level A TSM ranking for all indicators under the tailings management, energy use and GHG emissions management, Aboriginal and community outreach, biodiversity conservation management, and safety and health TSM protocols, and meet all requirements of the crisis management and communications planning protocol. A facility’s results must have been externally verified to qualify for the award. Diavik is owned 60% by Rio Tinto, which operates and manages the mine, and Dominion Diamond Mines, which owns 40%.

Earlier this year, the Ekati Diamond Mine was awarded one of two 2017 TSM Excellence Awards for their innovative sustainability projects, notably the mine’s work to transform how waste is managed at the site to improve sustainability and limit environmental impacts. Various actions throughout the years have significantly reduced the mine’s waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and have inspired communities and other mining companies in the region to follow Dominion’s lead. Dominion Diamond Mines operates and owns a controlling interest in the Ekati mine.

This year, a total of 20 nominations were submitted by mining companies that participate in the TSM initiative. The selection committee, composed of members from an independent Community of Interest Advisory Panel, selected the finalists and winners based on criteria such as innovation, involvement of and engagement with communities, and project outcomes. TSM performance was also considered as an indicator of the company’s ongoing commitment to corporate responsibility.

Full descriptions of the companies’ work is found in the Towards Sustainable Mining Progress Report 2017. The report includes 2016 performance results for 65 facilities belonging to twenty-two MAC member companies.

The TSM program was established in 2004 and its main objective is to enable mining companies to meet society’s needs for minerals, metals and energy products in the most socially, economically and environmentally responsible way. 

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